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I have always worked with art materials since I was a small child. I started out with drawing and painting in sketch books and then on walls and canvas to theater sets.

I went to school at the Chicago Art Institute, my BFA Degree was in Painting and Drawing, and I then became very interested in sculpture. I received a degree in Art Education and Art Therapy and then moved on to receive a Masters Degree in Sculpture, all from the Chicago Art Institute.

I was very influenced by the Renaissance masters including Michelangelo, Donatello, Cellini, Ammannati, Girlandaio,Botticelli, Raphael, and Leonardo de Vinci, to name a few. So in between my Degrees I traveled to Italy to study the works of these artist's from life. All that I learned there was amazing and It changed me as an artist and person in so many ways. To see the works in person and be able to draw and create painting studies and live with these works was invaluable to my artist development.

When I began at the Art Institute, my major focus was learning to paint and draw realistly. My area of interest was the human figure and working from life. My area of concentration was painting . I soon realized that the drawings were so important to the structure of painting.I became very interested in mass and sculpture and that was to be the deeper understand for both painting and drawing.

The Chicago Art Institute Museum was a fantastic place to study because of it's amazing collection, as well as the many other Chicago Museums.